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Pieter is looking back on a successful season with Robosail. He sailed the yacht from IJmuiden to the Azores and back in August and September. 'Our ambition in this season was threefold,' Pieter says, 'To finish the refit, to test the boat and to qualify for the OSTAR next year. We have realized all three goals. The new swing rig has proved to be seaworthy and extremely easy to handle. The only problem is that sailing a swing rig is a bit dull. You miss the stress of changing headsails all the time.'  Pieter believes that the best preparation for a race like the OSTAR is to make long single-handed cruises. 'It is a pity we missed the Petitbateau Race, but in the end we did much more ocean training then we could have done in this race.' The next big issue is performance optimization. In the coming weeks we will work on an extensive test program to decide what we want to change in the mast and the sail this winter.