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The HISWA boat show 2004-01-30 14:00:00 

The Hiswa Amsterdam boatshow at the RAI is in full swing, and RoboSail is right in the middle of it. Located next to classic 56' racing yacht "Zwerver", our stand is open to everyone wishing to inquire about our high-tech products, as well as about the Sailing Team and her new Open40. We can be found in Hall 7, at stand 200, with our dealer Cornelis Jongkind Scheepselectronica. A look at the picture next to this article will give you an impression of what we have to offer.

This saturday, the 21st,Pieter Adriaans will be at our standsigning his latest book, 'Robot op Zee'. At 15.30u, he will give a talk about all his plans with the Open40 at the Delta Lloyd SailExperience stand, which can be found in Hall 2. Please note: contrary to earlier reports of 16.30u, the talk will be at 15.30u!

Furthermore, more plans about the new Open40, formerly known as "Syllogic", have been made public. As the wharf is busy reconstructing the hull, Pieter Adriaans and his team are already preparing the "look" of things. The rendered image shows a first peek of things to come. At his Hiswa-talk, Pieter will probably reveal some details about his artistic aspirations for the mainsail.

We hope to welcome you at our Hiswa-stand, somewhere in the coming days.

Best regards,
The RoboSail Team